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Bella French


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Bella French is a captivating curvaceous blonde beauty with a stunning face. She is alone and totally nude in a bathroom. It is bright with uniform marble tiles on the floor and walls. She rests on the floor and shows off her nude body. Her blonde hair is done in a tight and luxurious hair do. Her boobs are massively round and hard. She has a well-balanced body and is perfectly shaved which blends well with the porcelain complexion. She cups her boobs and shows off her shaved and aroused pussy which has a light lather on it.

Estelle Taylor


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Estelle Taylor is a charming busty brunette excellence with a lovely face. She poses nude in a brightly lit room. It is filled with an earthy pastel theme with lots of wood n it. She rests on the fur clothing and her clothes can be seen discarded beside her. Her brunette hair is a lovely hairdo with a rich and radiant look. Her boobs are enormously busty and aroused. Her big boobs blend well with her lithe body. She has a light and radiant complexion n her body and her shaved pussy nesting between her legs is very captivating.

Patty Michova


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Patty Michova is a dazzling curvaceous brunette model with a stunning face. She poses naked on a wooden floored patio which has a wicker couch and overlooks a well-kept garden. It is a warm day and she decides to cool off her hot body. She squats on the floor with a jet hose. Her brunette has an impeccable and loosely let hairdo. Her boobs are enormously busty and deeply aroused and well balanced on her slim body. Her cream complexioned body is shaved and smooth. Her panties are pulled aside as she sprays water on her pussy.



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Rockell is an enrapturing busty blonde beauty with a dazzling face. She is alone and completely naked in neat living room. It is splendid dark grey walls and a soft black couch. She rests on the couch and shows off her bare body. Her blonde hair is styled in rich golden ruffles that flow on her shoulder and boobs. Her boobs are enormously busty and soft with aroused nipples. Her well curved body is splendidly shaved which looks seducing with its light cream composition. She spreads her legs to show off her shaved lusty pussy.

Brittany Kendall


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Brittany Kendall is a curvaceous blonde woman with a slutty face. She is naked and with a man in a brightly lit room. It has a grungy and soft padded mattress on which they make love. She rests on the mattress and shows off her busty body. Her blonde hair rippled to curling trills and pools on either sides of her head. Her boobs are round and massive with erect areolas. The man stands next to her and inserts his penis hard and deep into her as she lies flat on her back. She crosses her hands to stretch her pussy.



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Joana is a dazzling busty MILF with a magnificent body and dazzling face. She alone and at her well lit make up table. The room has cream coloured walls and a golden framed mirror. She rests on a chair flaunting her fabulous beauty. Her brunette hair is styled with a girlish hair do and a bough keeps her hair intact with just a solitary wisp on her lovely neck. Her boobs are really massive and with a resplendent glow on them. They hand like love domes on her bosom. The black stocking on her adds a striking contrast with her light cream complexion. She softly fondles her shaved pussy and is aroused.

Harmony White


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Harmony White is an enrapturing curvaceous brunette girl with a stunningly beautiful face. She is aroused and alone in a living room. It has blue walls and complementing ivory coloured couch and an off white mat on the floor. She squats on the floor near the couch. Her brunette hair is sexily ruffled up and let in ripples down her shoulder and on either side of her boobs. Her body has a fair untanned colour with a radiating hint of blush. Her boobs are really busty and well-shaped with hard nipples. She spreads her legs with both hands to show off her shaved pussy.

Ria Sakuragi


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Ria Sakuragi is a dazzling busty oriental teen beauty. She poses naked in a warm coloured setting. It has bright oriental red walls and a matching couch with gold borders. She flaunts her naked body while sitting on the couch. Her brunette hair is combed neatly and let to flow down her shoulders and splendid boobs. Her boobs are busty and supple with hard nipples that are deeply aroused. She folds her hand and her boobs are accentuated. Her porcelain finesse is further enhance wither perfectly shaved smoothness. Her panty is still on and makes her ravishing.

Maggie Green


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Maggie Green is an enamouring curvaceous blonde MILF with a stunning face. She is alone, aroused and laying on her back in her bed with her fingers in her pussy. She lies flat on her back on a soft bed spreading her nakedness wonderfully. Her blonde hair is slicked up and let to flow down her back. Her boobs well-endowed and soft with a perfect roundness to them. She pulls on her aroused nipples and gets horny. Her thick body is shaved and untanned. Her legs are spread to show off her pussy and ass hole as she masturbates on the bed.

Krystal Swift


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Krystal Swift is curvaceous blonde MILF with a dazzling face. She is alone and naked in a big room. It has a big purple coloured wall and a big curtain. She sits on a high chair and shows off her nude body with all its curves. Her blonde hair is done in a young girl’s hairdo with rippled cascades of blonde n her shoulder and boobs. Her boobs are simply massive and cuddling soft. She has a fair complexion and a shaved body that has a soft glow on it. She spreads her pussy lips and inserts a big dildo softly in her shaved pussy.